fetch file from remote servers

this code will fetch remote file, it works on php5

if ($_GET[xfer]) {
if ($_POST[from] == "") {
print "You forgot to enter a url.";
} else {
copy("$_POST[from]", "$_POST[to]");
$size = round((filesize($_POST[to])/1000000), 3);
print "transfer complete.<br>
<a><a href=\"$_POST[from]\">$_POST[from]</a><br>
<a><a href=\"$_POST[to]\">$_POST[to]</a> : $size MB";
} else {
print "<form action=\"$PHP_SELF?xfer=true\" method=post>
from(http://): <input name=from><br>
to(filename): <input name=to><br>
<input type=submit value=\"transload\">";


create a new php file, copy and past this code inside your new php file and save it to, something as remote.php

its basic usage would be to fetch remote mp3 files.

I'm not sure who the original coder is, so credit goes to who ever wrote this.


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