Create Add to Favorites/Bookmark button in Javascript

Most today's web browsers like Firefox (Ctrl+D), Opera (Ctrl+T) and IE (Ctrl+D) provide a keyboard shortcuts to enable users bookmark their favorite pages. But if you want to provide your visitors with a "Bookmark this page" link they can click you may use the code below: It works in IE, FireFox and Opera. Clicking on the link prompts the user with a dialog box to add the specified URL to the Favorites list.

  <script type="text/javascript">
	/* Source: */
    function CreateBookmarkLink(){
        var title = document.title;
        var url = document.location.href;
            /* Mozilla Firefox Bookmark */
            window.sidebar.addPanel(title, url, "");
        }else if(window.external){
            /* IE Favorite */
            window.external.AddFavorite(url, title);
        }else if(window.opera && window.print) {
            /* Opera Hotlist */
            alert("Press Control + D to bookmark");
            return true;
            /* Other */
            alert("Press Control + D to bookmark");
    <a href="javascript:CreateBookmarkLink();">Add to Favorites/Bookmark</a>



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