Facebook Connect Script

Use this Facebook Connect script when you want to let your users to login or do stuff on your site without having to create an account.


How to use it:
Don't forget to download the PHP SDK. Test this script on a PHP page
to see how it works and then try to integrate it in your pages.

This Facebook Connect script will also request permission from the user
to give to your website access to his e-mail address.

You can see that in line 36 is where you get user's data.

Code with Love.



Posted on 29.02.2016 06:08 by RonaldoRoss

Well, facebook try to use other ways to attract their customers and added new feature. This will definitely help to users.
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Posted on 18.12.2012 02:48 by guest

change $facebook->getSession() to $facebook->getUser()

Posted on 31.08.2012 09:20 by guest

where is the file "facebook.php"?. I need it!!

Posted on 13.07.2012 09:29 by guest

Thanks a lot!! After Log in.. I want to take user details.. U r code helped me.. :)

Posted on 03.07.2012 11:27 by guest

I already change getSession() to getUser(). Why It doesn't show Facebook Connect button to login?

Posted on 29.05.2012 18:13 by guest

where is the file "facebook.php"?. I need it!!

Posted on 13.03.2012 06:48 by guest

this is outdated code.

Posted on 03.03.2012 07:16 by steve

Actually this code is kinda old, needs to be updated to new FB API standards.

Posted on 03.03.2012 07:12 by guest

getSession() is depreciated use getuser()

Posted on 13.12.2011 11:22 by guest


Posted on 22.09.2011 11:10 by guest

It is giving following error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Facebook::getSession() in facebook-connect-script.php on line 19

Posted on 15.08.2011 05:10 by guest

Well i want to get user information like User Name,User Email , Status , User Pic
etc kindly help me......