Clean URL

Cleans a URL string, for SEO friendly links


Useful for blog posts for instance, where a title can be something like

"It's over 100 degrees today!"

which would translate to

"its-over-100-degrees-today". So you can store the string and call it like



Posted on 27.08.2012 06:35 by guest

very nice...

Posted on 20.10.2011 17:23 by guest

Thank you so much !! :)

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Thanks for helpful function :)

Posted on 28.10.2010 03:34 by guest

thanks my friend.

Posted on 13.09.2010 00:12 by guest

$url = preg_replace('~[^\\pL0-9_]+~u', '-', $url); // substitutes anything but letters, numbers and '_' with separator

That line removed all LETTERS from my links... which aint good, i like letters.

Posted on 19.07.2010 04:56 by guest

Thanks for that. It is very useful..

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thank u m8...

Posted on 09.02.2010 03:45 by guest

Sexy Script dear..... I love it...

Posted on 13.12.2008 13:45 by guest

hi myfriends
I want to use this function . but I downt now how?
please show me that where i place this variable $URL.