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IMEI Validation - Luhn Check

Validate mobile IMEI numbers with this simple Luhn validation

twitter nicks

format text with format "@format" to link

compare and convert format for two different date

this script compare two date and merge year, month, day start_date: 2011-11-15 00:00, end_date:…

Advanced cURL Scrape

Allows you to grab / get / take information from a website. Take content…

Facebook Connect Script

Use this Facebook Connect script when you want to let your users to login or…

IP Address of visitor's connection

Returns the IP address of the visitor's connection.

Number of days between two dates

Returns the actual number of days between two specific dates

PHP pagination Class [ more advanced ]

A more advanced pagination class.Css classes / Text links are editable.PHP >5 ONLY!

Parsing an complex array

Parsing an very complex array into simple user friendly view

add element in a particular position in an array

add element in a particular position in an array