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Forum and Blog Posting Tracking Software

Use this software to keep log and tracing history of your promotional tasks for your…

PHP Login Script - User Login System - User Management System

This is a complete website kick-start solution with user management. Just install it, merge your…

Time Tracking Management and Project Management Software

PHP Time Tracking Management and Project Management Software.This is a full solution for small companies…

IMEI Validation - Luhn Check

Validate mobile IMEI numbers with this simple Luhn validation

Facebook Connect Script

Use this Facebook Connect script when you want to let your users to login or…

Embed image in email with PHPMailer

PHP Write to File

A simple function that writes whatever you pass to it in a file.

PHP Get Current URL

Get the current URL. Use it with social widgets that require the web page's URL

PHP Hit Counter

A small but not that simple hit counter.

PHP image slideshow auto

A solid implementation of an image slideshow gallery. Fully automated, no setup needed.

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