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Force file download

Forces a file download

Rijndael 256 bit encryption using mcrypt

A set of functions utilizing mcrypt to encrypt / decrypt strings using Rijndael-256

Server Side Browser Detection

A Set of functions to tell what type of browser a surfer is using

Combined Dirs File Listing

Returns a file list from multiple directories

Encode Params - Post parameter encoding

Encodes an array to be sent along w/ a post request

RC4TWO - Encryption Without Mcrypt

A home-made encryption algorithm based on rc4, no mcrypt required

Input Var

A Simple function that gets a post or get variable if set or returns a…

Array in Array

A Simple function see if an array is contained within another array

Purge from tables

A function to purge all rows where $key=$id in multiple tables

Pretty / Fuzzy Date

A function to get a 'fuzzy' textual date

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