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Encode video with Srt support

Encoding video and Subtitles together using Php5 and mencoder, ffmpeg

PHP ffmpeg Upload Script

PHP ffmpeg Upload Script, please check reference

Grab Image, Convert video to H264 single php

this is a updated code, provided by Steve, this single php file will grab image…

generate a preview image from an FLV file on-the-fly, or to save

generate a preview image from an FLV

fetch file from remote servers

this code will fetch remote file, it works on php5

ffmpeg get video thumbs through php

this script depends on the following packages and operating systemsUbuntu 8.10 or server editions Lamp-serverffmpegmencoderffmpeg-php

mencoder libx264 through php

encoding to h264 through mencoder, using libx264 and mp3 support. via php scripting.