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Get File Extension in PHP

This code allows to pass filename in the $file_name variable and function will return file…

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Codelobster PHP Edition

Codelobster PHP Edition - free PHP IDE

PHP Login Script - User Login System - User Management System

This is a complete website kick-start solution with user management. Just install it, merge your…

Time Tracking Management and Project Management Software

PHP Time Tracking Management and Project Management Software.This is a full solution for small companies…

Advanced cURL Scrape

Allows you to grab / get / take information from a website. Take content…

PHP pagination Class [ more advanced ]

A more advanced pagination class.Css classes / Text links are editable.PHP >5 ONLY!

Parsing an complex array

Parsing an very complex array into simple user friendly view

PHP Get Current URL

Get the current URL. Use it with social widgets that require the web page's URL

Simple PHP Pagination Class

This is a simple to use PHP pagination class object to make it easier for…

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